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Patch Notes March 23rd (NA/EU)

8:12 am, March 24, 2016 Patch Notes March 23rd (NA/EU)Daum Games recent update to the NA/EU Black Desert Online servers has brought many changes including the addition of the Easter Event which will run from March 23rd to Ap [..] View

I will not be able to play this game !!

8:12 am, October 15, 2014 I have OCD and I won't be able to play this game! When the character is on the left side of the screen it just drives me crazy. Maybe if it was only during the combat I could manage but if it's always [..] View


2:08 am, May 20, 2014 [ Under Construction ] What to Expect PVP Wise from Black Desert Online The Age old Fight & Question : Hardcore or "Carebear"Throughout the years of [..] View


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