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is it just me or do monsters drop rarer items the lower level you are when fighting them?

6:12 pm, May 13, 2016 I have been noticing a pattern that i find much more rare items from monsters that are the same or slightly higher level than me. Then when I level up and the monsters become easier to ****, I notice [..] View

nodes characters sharing?

8:12 am, January 13, 2016 hey guys, as the title says, i saw in a youtube video that some things are shared between characters of your family, what does this include? nodes? horses? workers? anyone has some information on this [..] View

Co-op play in Black Desert?

8:12 am, July 18, 2015 I've been playing Black Desert for a while now, with and without friends, and so far from my experience i haven't seen any real co-op aspects to the game. I know the bosses you summon a friend can hel [..] View

So I hear I hear pvp is dead?

8:12 am, March 7, 2015 i haven't checked out BD in a while and i hear ppl are barely pvping lol 1.what happened? 2.Can you Rob carriages of there loads? 3.At the moment is there any merits to killing other players outside o [..] View

how to lvl mounts?

8:12 am, August 5, 2014 im watching youtube videos and i see some mounts are different lvls? how do you lvl up your mount? whats the benefits of lvling them? does it add more life? View

[Topic of the Month] The Classes!

2:08 am, May 20, 2014 What do you think about the classes so far? Are you happy with them? Would you like to see more "unique" classes in the game? Do you need a healer class in game? L [..] View


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