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No existent support

6:12 pm, November 2, 2017 Hello there, well i wrote to support that my advantage package has gone down like 15 days to early. "GM Lilly" actually agreed that there is something completely wrong, told me she'd write b [..] View

Guild Information

6:12 pm, October 28, 2017 GuildsIntroduction Hi guys, going to be updating this as I learn new information, and confirm old information's legitimacy. Going to list out the basics, then go in-depth when I personally learn more [..] View

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Patch Notes - April 20th (NA/EU)

6:12 pm, April 20, 2016 Patch Notes - April 20th (Na/EU) The highly anticipated Musa and Maehwa classes will be available after today’s maintenance. These unique classes bring unique abilities and a very different [..] View

My Horse Breeding data (T6+)

6:12 pm, January 27, 2016 So after reaching Artisan in the Training Skill, several flipped tables from failed breeding attempts and watching my horses autorun happily into the ocean, and an increasingly hefty electricity bill [..] View

Valencia Desert Map Compass

8:12 am, January 8, 2016 I hope this is correct site for this topic. (other seems unsuitable). I hope it suit English speaking players either PVE and PVP (2nd Valencia Map) tools [..] View

Question on Production Nodes/Nodes in General

8:12 am, December 8, 2015 Hi all, I have read all the guides pertaining to nodes and still can't figure out what is happening here. I have a node connection to the Northern Wheat Plantation from Dias Farms and also Bernianto F [..] View

Castle Sieges

6:12 pm, October 25, 2015 One of the aspects I'm most looking forward to in BDO are the guild battles and sieges. The guide briefly explains how the castle seiges work. The video gives a demonstration of the tactics used to de [..] View

How To Get Female Horse?

6:12 pm, July 1, 2015 Hi, I've red most of the guides here and it's really helpful and I've understand how to play (it meant all how to). But there's a point that make me frustrated, of course I've red about mating, breedi [..] View

REALLY is it that hard to catch a horse?!

6:12 pm, May 11, 2015 So I got to lv 18 and decided to catch a horse, bought 40 lasso, made 10 lumps of sugar, head out to find a horse, found one on top of a mountain. I tried everything to capture him, give him the sugar [..] View

Make a combination of tensile plum! Event guide

8:12 am, May 7, 2015 Get these once a day in the Challenge Reward. Also a durability repair a day. And Combine them like this. Show Spoiler And the rewards. So enough days for one accessory and 2 armor stone. [..] View

Full Housing/Crafting Guide?

8:12 am, March 19, 2015 Where can i find a full housing/crafting guide that explains really well, has been updated for the obt(the ones i found are only for cbt1 and didnt explain well) And preferably has a mix of words, pic [..] View

What can we capture?

8:12 am, March 11, 2015 Hello people of the desert! I didnt play the game yet. As I know, guilds will be able to capture some castles and heard that they can even earn taxes from people living nearby. Here I have [THIS] map [..] View

New; Need guild and Server. English Of Course xD

8:12 am, March 6, 2015 I'm new to the game currently looking at about 5 hours until I finish the game download. While I'm waiting I thought I'd look for a guild and a server. I do not speak Korean so I'm probably going to r [..] View

So lost in this game, so many questions.

8:12 am, March 5, 2015 Hello, I started playing this game and I have to say that even after reaching level 52, I'm still totally lost when it comes to 95% of this game. I have numberless questions and nobody to ask them to, [..] View

how to report bad publishers and excessive advertising for services that violate TOS

8:12 am, March 3, 2015 this link did not exist as of two months ago and obviously needs some refining. however the more people use it to report excessive advertising happening on servers the better refined the forms will [..] View

Game Crashes based upon Disconnect?

8:12 am, March 2, 2015 Hello to everyone, Black Desert crashes without errors randomly to the desktop. First i assume the English Patch was the reason. Now my logfile often displays this: Show Spoiler 2015-02-28 19:48: [..] View

Game Crashes After Selecting Server

8:12 am, March 2, 2015 Hey! I downloaded the game about 2 weeks ago, and since the beggining I could not run the game, the problem is It stops responding right after I select a server. I've tried rechecking the files 2 time [..] View

English Patch Released

8:12 am, March 2, 2015 The English Patch is now released. This doesn't translate the entire game YET! The more people who use it and contribute to the OneSky translation database for it, the faster it'll become complete and [..] View

About Trade

6:12 pm, September 3, 2014 This is from GameNet official guides. Safe transportation is only available between cities and the first thing to be done is to link the city distribution network points. Second you have to open stora [..] View

Black Desert Map Translations

6:35 am, May 28, 2014 WWGW will be publishing a formatted translations of the Black Desert map. I'd like to update this thread as we finish translating new regions. * Calpeon * Valenos * * * * [..] View

Guide: NPCs intimacy

2:08 am, May 20, 2014 Hi ****. Relationship with NPCs is a major aspect of Black Desert. Not only can you hire NPCs to do some of your dirty jobs (crafting/transport…) but bounding with the random NPC you mee [..] View

My Black Desert videos (with commentary)

2:08 am, May 20, 2014 I have made several videos with commentary, all spread across guides. I thought it could be interesting to have them all in one thread for better visibility. youtube.c [..] View

Is PK not available anymore ?

2:08 am, May 20, 2014 I read the guide on PVP and it said there that it starts at 40 and only if you have PvP active, does that mean that if my "enemy'" does not have PVP active i cannot attack him? Or i can atta [..] View

Siege questions

2:08 am, May 20, 2014 Link of Korean Black Desert Map above Orange dots- Cities Green dots - Adventure Zones Blue dots - ? So i have been talking with a couple people about [..] View


Full Housing/Crafting Guide?

Mar 19, 2015, 8:30 am Where can i find a full housing/crafting guide that explains really well, has been updated for the obt(the ones i found are only for cbt1 and didnt explain well) And preferably has a mix of words, pic[..] View

Guide: NPCs intimacy

Jan 23, 2015, 5:50 pm Hi fags. Relationship with NPCs is a major aspect of Black Desert. Not only can you hire NPCs to do some of your dirty jobs (crafting/transport…) but bounding with the random NPC you meet in[..] View

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