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6:12 pm, May 4, 2016

Patch Notes - May 4th

Patch Notes - May 4th

Event and System

  • Events
    • The Yo Ho Ho & a Bottle of Rum event has been enabled.
    • The Mother's Day event has been enabled.
    • Click >Here< to find out more about these events.
  • System Changes
    • The following NA Channels will be removed until the 18th of May. This is done to improve server stability until we can send a Tech Team to the NA Data Center.
      • Valencia 1
      • Valencia 2
      • Valencia 3
  • Players can use command for inviting party member has been added.
    • EN: / invite [character name]
    • FR: / inviter [character name]
    • GE:/ einladung [character name]

Class Changes

Witch & Wizard
  • Fixed the issue where sprint could be continuously used by clicking the LMB while sprinting unarmed.
  • Fixed the issue where Residual Lightning and Chain Lightning effected the camera.
  • Fixed the issue where certain chat motions were not showing when walking.
  • Fixed the issue where the Chase skill combo was being cast too fast.
  • PVP balance against other classes has been adjusted.
  • PVP balance against other classes has been adjusted.

Item Changes

  • Boss Armor has been added, you have a slim chance of this dropping by defeating the bosses each item is named after.
    • Red Nose’s Armor
    • Giath’s Helmet
    • Bheg’s Gloves
    • Muskan’s Shoes
  • New Contribution items have been added.
    • Some of the “Massacre” weapon series from Calpheons’ Contribution Rental items have been removed and combined with the “Ronatz Massacre” weapon series.
    • Kaia Series items have been added.
      • There are main weapon and armors for Kaia series, each item requires 50 contribution points for rental.
      • Kaia weapons can be rented via Kanobas in Calpheon and armors can be rented via Dobart.
  • The following titles have been added. You can unlock each of the by earning points in the Red Battlefield.
    • Decurion
    • Centurion
    • Legion Legate
    • Black Star
    • Hero
  • Junk items obtained from killing monsters have had their sell and exchange values increased.

Cash Shop Update

  • Mounts

  • Pets

  • Furniture

  • Warrior

  • Ranger

  • Sorceress

  • Berserker

  • Tamer

  • Musa

  • Valkyrie

  • Maehwa

  • Wizard

  • Witch

  • Loyalty


Mechanic Changes

  • New Areas have been unlocked;
    • Tungrad Forest
    • Hasrah Dungeon
    • Kuit Islands
  • The amount of Training EXP gained from taming a horse has been increased.
  • 2 type of Tier 3 horses have been added to the wild spawns.
  • Farming has been added to the achievement system.
  • Rewards from Red Battle Field has been changed.
    • Win: Red Seal 6ea -> 5ea.
    • Lose: Seal 2ea -> 1 ea
  • Number of Red Seals required for exchange has been changed from 150 ea to 80 ea.

Monster Changes

  • Adjusted the number of Sheep, Mountain Goats, Foxes, Wolves and Weasels in Western Balenos, Eastern Balenos, Serendia, Trina Fort, and Epheria Valley.
  • Guild Bosses Balance and Drop Rate has been increased based on guild size.
  • Field Boss Dastard Bheg will have a preparation animation before his omnidirectional swing attack.
  • Balance for the following monsters has been adjusted.
    • Hummingbird
    • Calpheon Giant Bee
    • Sausan Watch
    • Tough Sausan Soldier
    • Helm Big Axe
    • Helm Iron Shield
    • Rhutum Guard
    • Rhutum Sheriff
    • Red Orc Guard
    • Red Orc Sentinel
    • Saunil Guard
    • Elric Follower
    • Elric Cultist
    • Saunil Sheriff
    • Khuruto Executor
    • Khuruto Sheriff
    • Khuruto Guard
    • Khuruto Chaser
    • Rhutum Chief Priest
    • Wandering Rogue Elementalist
    • Wandering Rogue Fighter
    • Wandering Rogue
    • Small Mane
    • Big Mane
    • Agile Mane
    • Giant Manehair
    • Blind Pugnose
    • Thunder Drummer
    • Lightning Trumpeter
    • Cultist Warrior
    • Imp Raider
    • Steel Imp Warrior
    • Tiny Bee
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  • Droprate for the following monsters has been adjusted.
    • [Aggressive]Grass Beetle
    • [Aggressive]Parasitic Bee
    • [Aggressive]Imp Raider
    • [Aggressive]Steel Imp Warrior
    • [Aggressive]Goblin
    • [Aggressive]Goblin Fighter
    • [Aggressive]Goblin Elite Soldier
    • [Aggressive]Mine Imp
    • [Aggressive]Scarecrow Ghost
    • [Aggressive]Strong Altar Imp Trainer
    • [Aggressive]Altar Imp Fighter
    • [Aggressive Al Rhundi Rebels]Patrol
    • [Aggressive]Swamp Fogan Warrior
    • [Aggressive]Cultist Warrior
    • [Sturdy]Waragon
    • [Sturdy]Contaminated Butcher
    • [Critical]Ruins Golem
    • [Aggressive]Giant Possessed by Black Spirit
    • [Critical]Ruins Monster
    • [Sturdy]Petrifying Foreman
    • [Agile]Saunil Commander
    • [Energetic]Rhutum Elite Brawler
    • [Aggressive]Green Orc Skeleton Warrior
    • [Sturdy]Calpheon Shadow Guard
    • [Aggressive]Calpheon Shrine Elite Warrior
    • [Aggressive]Frenzied Skeleton Decurion
    • [Aggressive]Frenzied Skeleton Centurion
    • Elric Follower
    • Elric Cultist
    • Elric High Priest
    • Tough Sausan Soldier
    • Sausan Soldier
    • [Aggressive]Giant Manehair
    • Helm Big Axe
    • Helm Iron Shield
    • [Abandoned Iron Mine Barbarian]Khuruto Executor
    • [Abandoned Iron Mine Barbarian]Khuruto Sheriff
    • [Burning]Ferrid Tio
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  • Silver can no longer be obtained from the following monsters.
    • [Burning]Ferrid Tio
    • [Hardened]Helm Golem
    • [Aggressive]Frenzied Skeleton Centurion
    • [Aggressive]Frenzied Skeleton Decurion
    • [Agile]Saunil Commander
    • [Sturdy]Petrifying Foreman
    • [Critical]Ruins Monster
    • [Aggressive]Giant Possessed by Black Spirit
    • [Sturdy]Contaminated Butcher

Quest Changes

  • Crafting Materials required for the “Making a Fishing Rod” quest have been updated.
  • New Quest “From Small HP Potion to Medium HP Potion” has been added.
  • New Quest “First Time for Taming a Horse” has been added to the NPC Vanacil in Heidel.
  • The quest rewards from the Seal of Promise and Toke of Promise quests has been increased from 1 to 2.

Interface Changes

  • When there is more than one navigation path available the active path will blink.
  • The cut scene camera for Alejandro Farm Torres has been fixed.
  • Rosar Shield Graphic and icon has been fixed
  • Trees that are far away can be seen clearly now.
  • Description for worker list has been modified

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the issue where windows would not closed if you pressed ESC after taking damage from monsters while the End Game Pop-Up window was active.
  • Fixed the issue where a player's combat exp buff was applied to horses.
  • Fixed the issue where the Black Spirit would sometimes give wrong directions when clicking on a quest.
  • Fixed issue where some of objects were not showing up on the pirate islands.
  • Fixed cash shop issue where class category didn’t match with displayed class.

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