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6:12 pm, March 30, 2016

Patch Notes - March 30th (NA/EU)

The new Mediah Expansion has just been released on the NA/EU servers for Black Desert Online and there is a lot of new content to talk about.

This is the first expansion for Black Desert Online since its official release in March and it promises a lot of new content and extended game play options including Alchemy Stones and new sets of armor such as the "Grunil" armor set.
The new zone Mediah increases the total world size by 30% and offers brand new areas and towns to explore and many new nodes to invest in.

For a brief write up of the new Expansion head here

Patch Notes - March 30th (NA/EU)

  • Cherry Blossom Event
    • During this event players will be able to obtain Cherry Blossom Seeds by gathering from the following resources with their bare hands; Dry Thicket, Wild Herb, and Desert Herb.
      • Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals give the following 30 minute buff when consumed: Attack/Movement/Cast Speed +1, Critical Hit +1, HP & MP +30.
    • Cherry Blossom Seeds can be cultivated in a garden, although they are a bit larger than most plants and require 2 grids of space to grow. Once the Cherry Blossom Tree is fully grown you will be able to harvest Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals.
    • Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals can be exchanged at seed vendors found in Heidel and Calpheon.

    • Exchange 10 for a Cherry Blossom Pot which gives 20 interior points when placed in your home.
    • Exchange 30 for a cosmetic accessory, Cherry Blossom Earring.
  • Cherry Blossom Seeds and Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals will disappear after the event has ended.
  • Cherry Blossom Seeds and Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals can be sold for 10,000 silver to NPCs.

  • Fixed the issue where left-click aerial shots did not work after using Wall Breaker I and II when Bow Skill was Lv. 6 or higher.
  • The damage amount for Will of Wind slightly increased.
  • The damage amount for Charging Wind I, II, III, and IV increased.
  • The damage amount for Dagger of Protection dramatically increased.
  • The damage amount for the aerial shots after Evasive Shot slightly decreased.
  • The damage amount for S:/EX: Charging Wind slightly decreased.
  • The damage amount for EX: Descending Current slightly decreased.
  • Undertaker damage increased
  • Fierce Strike damage increased
  • Fierce Strike 3rd hit damage increased
  • Frenzied Destroyer damage increased
  • Frenzied Destroyer two-hand damage increased
  • Ultimate: Frenzied Destroyer damage increased (including two-hand hit)
  • Beastly Wind Slash spinning damage increased
  • Beastly Wind Slash smash attack damage increased
  • Wrath of Beast roaring damage increased
  • Wrath of Beast roaring damage increased
  • Ire of Beast smash attack damage increased
  • Beast Roar smash attack damage increased
  • Command description of the skill Predatory Hunt changed from “Hold left-click or F key to initiate successive jumps” to “Hold left-click or ↓+F to initiate successive jumps.”

  • New Item: Marking Reagent
    • Skilled 5 Alchemists will be able to craft the Marking Reagent which, when used against a player, will reveal their name for 5 minutes, preventing them from hiding it through any mechanic.
    • Production Materials
      • 1x Magic Crystal of Enchantment: Vision
      • 10x Oil of Storm
      • 10x Herbal Gunpowder
      • 10x Sticky Liquid
      • 10x Blackstone Powder
        • This is only one of the ways to produce the Marking Reagent, play with the recipe to find the golden ratio.
    • The higher your alchemy skill the more Marking Reagents you will produce with each craft.
    • To use the Marking Reagent you flag for PvP and launch the Marking Reagent at your target as you would a standard ranged attack.
  • Energy Potions are now available from Alustin in Velia. You can exchange 50 energy for a 10 energy potion.
  • Cooldowns were added to the Easter Egg items.
    • Life Easter Egg has a 6 second cooldown.
    • All other Easter Eggs have a 1 second cooldown.
  • A new type of equipment item has been added, Alchemy Stones.
    • Alchemy Stones give different buffs when activated with the U button depending on the type of stone.
  • Cash Shop Update













  • Mediah Region Unlocked
    • +1,000 New Quests.
    • Added new Guild Missions, including Guild Bosses.
    • New NPCs with knowledge and Amity Rewards.
    • New weapons and armor, including the Grunil Set.
    • New world boss, Kzarka, has been added.
  • Crimson Battlefield
    • The Crimson Battlefield is a special island where players are divided into two teams to fight for 20 minutes in a 40 vs 40 deathmatch.
      • Players stats (ATK & DEF) will be adjusted to meet the minimum requirement if the player’s stats are below the threshold.
      • All participants receive a +1,000 HP bonus while in the battlefield.
      • If the sum of both teams score is over 200 and the difference in score between both teams is greater than 30% the losing side will receive an additional HP Buff of +500 (Total +1,500)
      • Players can enter the Crimson Battlefield via their Black Spirit or once they have done that by hitting ESC and clicking the Crimson Battlefield button.
    • Players earn points by killing enemy players.
      • Each player starts with 10 points.
      • When you **** an enemy you gain ½ of their points.
      • When you are ****** by an enemy you lose ¼ of your points.
        • You cannot go below one point.
        • You will always earn at least one point for a ****.
      • The Crimson Battlefield is available in all channels except the Siege Channels.
    • When the battle ends the winning side earns 6 Red Seals, while the losing side earns 2.
      • 150 Red Seals can be exchanged for a Red Essence at Ornella in Heidel.
      • Heating Red Essence and Ancient Magic Crystal: Power can produce Red Battlefield Crystal: Power.
      • Heating Red Essence and Ancient Magic Crystal: Adamantine can produce Red Battlefield Crystal: Adamantine
    • Battlefield exclusive potions can be purchased from the NPC Daz in the Battlefield.
      • [Battlefield] HP/MP Instant Potion (XL)
      • High-Concentrated Herbal Juice
      • HP/MP Potion (XL)
  • Chat Filtering has been added.
    • Players will be able to access the new personal chat filter via the ESC menu. This menu will allow you to register words you want filtered from chat.
    • Filtered words can be up to 50 character long.
    • The chat filter is literal, not case sensitive and does not support wildcards.
    • Any chat entry containing the filtered word will not be displayed in your chat window.

  • Detection range for monsters adjusted.
  • The following monsters are no longer affected by Attack/Movement Speed debuffs;
    • Mutant Tree Spirit
    • Mutant Troll
    • Mutant Orge
    • Orge
    • Cyclops
  • The summoning location for Dim Tree Spirit has changed and its attack has increased.
  • The Field Bosses Red Nose and Bheg can no longer be repeatedly stunned with the Matchlock.

  • The cash shop pop-up has been changed to a dropdown that appears when clicking a product to see the description.

  • Fixed the issue where Warriors head texture was partly broken with specific hair styles.
  • Fixed the issue where the fur color of “Batian Dog” looked abnormal in dark places.
  • Fixed the issue where PvP Music played briefly if loading time was longer than 15 seconds when first logging in.
  • Fixed the issue where the Furniture Tab would always display in the Cash Shop.
  • Fixed the issue where the casting bar was not always displayed properly.
  • UI Scale should now support 4k resolution.
Original Post:…4-patch-notes-march-30th/



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