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8:12 am, March 2, 2016


I just got the game, The Traveler Edition. I haven't played the game but I did the research and found so many red flags about this MMO. Please read the below before you go ahead and spend your money on this game. I am very disappointed in their shady way on making more money. They already have more than 400K users and made their money back and they want to **** you drain to play the game at a competitive level. Its another Archeage and Neverwinter in the making. I predict Loot boxes are not far away.

The Game has many (i mean many) Pay to Win Aspects. You could have to spend a lot money to stay competitive on this game.

:whaaat: PAID Talent RESET ! Really Guys ? :whaaat:
Guys if you speced wrong, tough luck ! you have to pay 9 EU to respec you character. You cannot respec your character any other way, Everytime you want to respec you will need to pay. Think about it, that is a subscription fee cost if you do it once a month ! You cannot play different specs. I paid for the game and I cannot change my character ? And you ask for 9 EU for respecing my character, How is this fair guys ?

:whaaat:Real Money Pets with XP Buffs :whaaat:
After a deep research, Pets can only be bough via the cash shops. Each pets costs 9 EU and they have 3 Tiers and you can only get them at T1, After that you have to upgrade them to T2 by combining two pets. So Basically you will need to spend 36 EU for a T3 Pet and to get the maximum benefits of the buffs which are like +7% XP which is huge in a game with no level cap and your crafting results are affected by levels. So the guy who puts in 138 EU for the pets will be leveling faster and getting more money than you.

:whaaat: An Item to Hide you Name Tag during PVP !!! OMG ? :whaaat:[/b]
Buy an item Gilly Suite (Only available through the real money shop) 30 EU, The item makes your character a sniper god, you can just on a bush, lay down and you will NO ONE will ever find you. You can pop up and **** someone and regain your stance. PVP is so overpowered for the Gilly Suite guy makes everyone being bullied into buying the PVP item. Horrible idea on forcing people to buy their items to make money.

:whaaat: Horse Breeding Tokens :whaaat:
Horse Breeding requires a cool down but for a real money token you get a reset on the horse breeding, this game has NO Fast Travel a horse is very important, There are 8 Tiers for the horse, You need to level 2 horses and then try to breed them if the breeding attempt fails you can buy a token a reset the timer and try again !, Tell me who will not do that ? They will do it as they spent so much time to level the horses!, How cheap can you guys get ? Horse Breeding attempts should not fail or go back, period !

:whaaat: BUY A BOAT WITH A SKIN ! :whaaat:
A Boat takes the most time to build the game, it is very hard to build, the boat gives you a distinct advantage to fishing, A boat skin which is much better than the ordinary boat is 20 EU and you get the BOAT with it, you have no reason to build the boat and waste all your time gathering the resources. Why would they do this ? They want to get money from you for everything.


Every expansion is going to cost you, if they have not already got all the money they wanted and moved on to build another one to get your money, I am thinking after 3 months they will release a content pack they will make you buy for another 30 EU or something. I am not confirmed on this aspect but I predict this is their model to get more money as this is Pay to Play.

:whaaat: THE WORST OF THE CHEAPEST **** EVER, DYE BOXES ! :whaaat:
A dye will last only for 30 days...and you need to buy a dye every month to dye you cloths to set a color to your character's armor color, and the funniest thing is you can buy dye boxes (with real money ofc) and you MIGHT get the color you want ! Good Luck Getting that Blue color you want !!!, Keep on buying those Dye Boxes until you end up the right color.

Correct me if I am wrong, I have done enough research to get this list together, If I am not right I am sorry, but this is what I see as a guy who bought the game and see so many things wrong with it :(. I was expecting to play this game and get my friends to try it, from the looks of things, it looks like a money mongering pay to win ******** that every MMO becomes after 3 months after launch, but this one is starting with the problems and asks you to pay for it at the start as well.

Hard to see a great game idea destroyed by greed. This is why there will never be another WOW :(.
Any Game Developer or Community manager is welcome to answer the questions.



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Guest 11:11 am, April 15, 2016
Another reason to actually PLAY a game before writing a (incorrect) review of it, moron.
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Guest 3:45 am, March 28, 2016
I play the game and almost everything you said was WRONG in its context to the game. I breed my horses, I earn points to buy6 cash shop items free, and I already have 13 partial reset token and far fewer skills to reset than 13. BTW, I have spent NO money after buying the game. I also got a free buff pet, So what if they charge for future content? You paid for WOW, paid for all the expansions, and you paid a monthly fee. You also bought pets in WOW that gave advantages to players wishing to get them faster. Your point is childish and your an Idiot.
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Guest 1:55 am, March 15, 2016
You have a lot of your information incorrect. So much so I would recommend to anyone reading this to just ignore it and go some place else to find out if you should buy the game or not.
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