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8:12 am, August 3, 2014


Quest system

Quest system in Black Desert is not typical, as in most MMORPGs. The reason is mainly that completing of quests gives no exp or money, but provides factional points. These points may be distributed freely - you can use them to open the nodal points, to have access to resources, for buying a home, or exchange them for items. Quests are a key feature to explore the world and gain access to trade-related aspects of the game.

In the Black Desert, there are three types of quests:

1. The story quests issued by Black Spirit
At a certain level with button "\" you can call the Black spirit to get the quest.
2. Issued by NPC
After reaching a certain level or point of intimacy with NPC, it can give you a quest. Quests of that type are divided into several types
3. Guild quests
Guild master can give to the players quests, which can be accessed through the guild menu.

1. The story quests issued by Black Spirit

So, from the very beginning of the game it will accompany you. Black Spirit issues quests linked with the story line.

After completing such a quest the spirit can be called again to give you a new one. As a bonus, you can get rare items and items of equipment, the first mount, and etc.

As you advance in the game, as well with increasing of levels is rising the black spirit too.

2. Quests issued by NPC

When reaching a certain level or point of intimacy with NPC, it can give you a quest.

To find a quest giving NPC in some locations, you may using the map on which it is shown with a yellow icon and black exclamation mark, or you may select the sheet NPC list in the lower right corner, which lists all the NPCs in the village. After double-clicking on every one, around your character is forming a suggestive circle with arrow, or you may just meet NPC with yellow mark in the city. In addition, some mobs drop items that you can use to activate quests.

You may see the stage of the quest in the certain menu. This menu can be opened with a hotkey "O".

When quest is displayed there are hints: place (winding arrow), a description of the quest with the possibility to refuse it (check), the reward for the quest (square).

Upon completion of quests the NPC can give you skill points, potions, gear, knowledge or points of intimacy.

Quests issued by NPCs are divided into several types:

Repeatable quests - quests that can be found in every village, and repeated in a certain period of time, these include "Quest for a cat" in Velia, "Quest for the goats" in the south-west of the checkpoint in Valenos and etc.

Mini-game - quests, which are essentially a mini-game and usually require additional tools that can be received for factional points: fishing rod, gun, flute, and etc.

Quests for mobs - quests to **** a certain number of mobs or take certain number of items from mobs. Such quests give mercenaries in the taverns.

Quests for delivery and support - a quest in which you have to accompany a certain NPC to certain destinations, like dynamic events in GW2.

Quests for research - a quest that does not usually indicate a destination, and you need to explore a region, or locality, like cave for example, or to find something.

Trading quests - quests given by NPCs, engaged in trade. You have to transport a certain type of product to a certain NPC, the reward for such quests are items that expand inventory.

Quests on specific skills: hunting, cooking, crafting, gathering, linked with the creation of items required by NPCs. An example for such a quest may be that for early activation of PvP-mode.

3. Guild Quests

Guild masters can choose from a menu quests for guild missions, to give them to all members of the guild.

To select the quest for fulfillment, you must spend a certain amount of money (the price of the quest), you shall also consider the time to run it. The completion of these quests will reward guild with guild points, experience points for which you can obtain useful skills (both active and passive), or raise the guild level, also guild quests give enchanting stones and the siege tent.

There are different types of guild quests - for regular mobs, for elite mobs, for raid bosses, and for creation of something. All members of the guild may be involved.
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