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Bandwidth & Data Usage

6:12 pm, February 10, 2016 I just moved to the middle of nowhere, needles to say my internet options are less than stellar. It looks like my only decent option is expensive satellite internet that has monthly usage limits like [..] View

Game crashing after update

8:12 am, March 6, 2015 So my game was crashing due to the 100% cpu usage problem, which was fixed (sort of) but ending the xign process after I opened the game... Had to do it twice and then relaunch for it to work which wa [..] View

Game Crashes After Selecting Server

8:12 am, March 2, 2015 Hey! I downloaded the game about 2 weeks ago, and since the beggining I could not run the game, the problem is It stops responding right after I select a server. I've tried rechecking the files 2 time [..] View

XP gaining system

8:12 am, June 8, 2014 Hi, allow me to suggest XP gaining system by doing and by leveling up. Here is the example for system idea: Bow usage from 0,00 % to 100,00 % for 1 meter distance (Level 1) Bow usage from 0,00 % to [..] View


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