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Official Forums - Talking to the Devs

6:12 pm, January 5, 2018 I'm an old **** and been around a long time, and I've seen too many (unfortunately) MMOs come and go. I have the pleasure of being close with and having many game devs in my own community, who commonl [..] View

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Patch Notes - May 13th (NA/EU)

6:12 pm, May 13, 2016 Patch Notes - May 13th (NA/EU)MaehwaWhile casting Chaos: Red Moon, you will now take less damage from back attacks.The following items have had their Tooltips changed.Basteer LongswordBasteer LongbowB [..] View

Patch Notes - March 16th [NA/EU]

6:12 pm, March 16, 2016 Patch Notes - March 16th [NA/EU] Daum Games recent patch to the NA/EU servers include fixing players clipping underground in certain situations and fixing the tool tips for the Agerian Helmet. March 1 [..] View

This, just isn't working out (character deletion)

8:12 am, January 6, 2016 " It's not you, its me." "I just don't see this going anywhere" "I've met someone else" "I just can't imagine a future with you" and a personal favorite "Y [..] View

New Daum interview! (talking about upcoming new features)

8:12 am, April 26, 2015 So I've looked around a few times today, and nobody seems to have posted Most notably it has a few screen shots which include, Valencia (but really im pretty [..] View

Any updates with Pearl Abyss/ Daum?

8:12 am, March 6, 2015 I'm curious, you guys have done interviews in the past with Pearl Abyss about the game. Have the guys from the team done another interview, i would assume. They keep saying how interested they are in [..] View

EU/NA Possible Release Date 2015 !

6:12 pm, March 3, 2015 In a recent post on Facebook by PearlAbyss talking about Black Desert Japanese publisher,they mentioned in the comments the following : "Recently, we have seen some of our overseas fans who want [..] View

Game Options

8:12 am, January 27, 2015 I watched a video on the game and was wondering about the following options: they mentioned auto aim or manual aim options... they talked about pvp and a level 35 quest and after level 40 pvp is auto [..] View

Concept for Potions/Healing

8:12 am, November 11, 2014 A concept for healing. Potions are to have a cool down for each single use. Individual potions could have crafting, combining and enchanting options to change prefixes and suffixes Potions would come [..] View

Siege questions

2:08 am, May 20, 2014 Link of Korean Black Desert Map above Orange dots- Cities Green dots - Adventure Zones Blue dots - ? So i have been talking with a couple people about [..] View


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