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If the Patriots can erase DeAndre Hopkins, then rookie Deshaun Watson will be in trouble

8:12 am, November 9, 2017 The Houston Texans offense is neither productive, nor complicated. They have generated 20 points all season; the New England Patriots scored 21 in the first quarter against the New Orleans Saints. The [..] View

Patch Notes - April 6th (NA/EU)

6:12 pm, April 6, 2016 Patch Notes - April 6th (NA/EU) Daum games recent update to the NA/EU servers for Black Desert Online have brought changes to the drop rates for field bosses and Kzarka as well as lowering the amount [..] View

PM Diary 2.1 - Party System and Energy Changes

6:12 pm, January 7, 2016 PARTY PLAY REVAMP *Example: A scenario where every player in the party kills a monster for 100EXP and considering all party members are in perfect range. If you move out of range EXP won’t b [..] View


8:12 am, December 27, 2015 Hello all Since the EU/NA versions are out(woohoo) i wanted to try it out but i get an IP block(Baltic countries..... no idea why we're set to Russia) Anyhow you can just use VPN and get through an u [..] View

Party formation/link feature

6:12 pm, November 19, 2015 Hey so any idea on whether or not the party formation/link feature is coming back? to quote ike from the news article section of this game "It also needs to be mentioned that even in CBT2, the e [..] View

Can I run it ?

8:12 am, March 2, 2015 I'm looking to buy a new system and i was wondering if this would be good enough to run on ultra settings @30fps Are these specs capable of running this high/ultra settings ? Gpu - r9-270 (According [..] View


6:12 pm, May 21, 2014 Ive been playing mmorpg for years now and I enjoy both pvp and pve. I honestly dont think there should be a reward for pvp i mean a title isnt too much but really not needed. I love pvp its exciting w [..] View


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