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Black Desert - Brief review of bosses in the RU version

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Mar 10, 2015, 8:47 am 2 years
Hey guys!
Sinja here. On February 28th released a short video featuring info regarding bosses for the Russian version of BDO. It was just earlier this day posted on the Pearl Abyss facebook page.
Video on YouTube here.
Video on FB here.

Hello everyone! I am Garro and today in the video I will talk about bosses in Black Desert.
If you have been following the game actively then you know that there are 5 types of bosses:
  1. Quest bosses (either quest spawn or as reward from quest, idk xD)
  2. Daily/Several day interval bosses
  3. Weekly bosses
  4. Scroll bosses (monster drop - everyday difficulty, soloable)
  5. Guild bosses (raids/lairs?)

There are currently no world bosses. And the in-question, Ogre and Troll, do not count as bosses due to no special drops. In our current testing version from Korea all Open World Bosses have been removed. In this video we will talk about OWBs which are non-existent in Korea BUT will definitely be in the RU version, according to the publisher. In the beginning of OBT we will not have the daily nor weekly bosses. In addition it is unknown if they will ever be added in the game as they appear to be an unlimited source of grinding for all players*.
Currently it is known there will be a minimum of 6 bosses available with the start of RU OBT:
  1. Red nose -seen in video after 2:48-
  2. Giath -5:07-
  3. Coward Bheg -6:15-
  4. Muskan -7:12-
  5. Giant Mudman -8:08-
  6. Hexe Mari -8:44-

In the future the list of implemented bosses will receive additions of already other known ones and newly created. (he names one example, whose name I can't quite make out, which is currently buggy, as mentioned by co-worker Sergei)
The main purpose of OWB existence in BD is to force top guilds to face each other off for lead position. Sadly I am currently unable to give you the respawn timers as they will be revised by the publisher based on drop rates of said bosses.
According to the publisher the OWB respawn timers will range from a day to several days with an offset of several hours. The best thing is that the game already has a built-in mechanism which randomises the respawn time within the offset hours.
For example!
Boss X was ****** at 00:00 (midnight), it's offset range is +/- 2 hours and respawn time is 2 days. So in 2 days at 22:00 (10pm) the team/clan has to be at the respawn point, weapons prepared, ready to contest for the boss, which will spawn at any time till 02:00 (2am). i.e. it won't be possible to farm them basing off of minute to minute respawn timer like AA (Arche Age?). The rewards for them seem pretty solid even now.
That's it for this video. I hope it was interesting and you learned something new. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and follow news on our website
Till next time!

Okay so, first off - I might have gotten something in this * part wrong, as it just doesn't quite make too much sense? REALLY SORRY Q_Q
Secondly - the ... spot near the end. During this period, which by the way is MOST of the video (from 2:48 till 9:46) he talks a lil about each of mentioned 6 bosses.
  • brief stat info (if known);
  • enrage specifics (stat boosts, at what % of hp activates; ALL bosses have an enraged state);
  • attack descriptions (what to watch out for to avoid certain *****);
  • drop rates;
  • drop description;
  • possible known tactics from Korean version.
I did not translate this bit as I believe it is still subject to change based off of w.e. specifics they go by. also because just these Almost 3 minutes of the video took me about 2+ hours >.> brain hurts.
BUT. If people are interested in the bosses then I can by all means translate whatever information they have provided on them in the video.
I will check back to see if you guys want more info so I can prepare for it. As in download and crop audio, listen to and start translating while at work.

For now though that is it, hope this gives you maybe some clarity on the subject. If there are already known names for those bosses, please tell me I will edit them, as I do not exactly actively follow the released info -cough-

Edit; Thank you Nurold. Updated the Boss names.

Sinja, signing out :fuqyeah:

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