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[solved] Stuck at very first interaction.

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Mar 9, 2015, 2:18 pm 2 years

I've been holding off since I wanted my first post to be in the Calpheon server post, and not the help forums but it seem's I've hit a wall. :greensad

Finally got everything running and made it through character creation, but I've gotten stuck at the very first interaction 30 seconds into the tutorial.

After holding shift + w, it then zooms in and tells you to hit "r" to interact/speak with the spirit. Hitting "r" or clicking the button does nothing though :S
Here's a photo of the button:

I've tried both 32 and 64 bit exes. I've tried fullscreen and windowed. I've tried with and without vpn (FlyVPN to korea). I've tried with a wtfast vpn.
I am using the english patch, following instructions and download from the black desert subreddits sidebar.

Has anyone run into this, or have any ideas?

Thanks in advance. ^^


Seems I've found the cause. The english patch itself was the problem. For whatever reason it was preventing the action from being performed. I tried a clean install (had the original folder copied) and got a passed all that no issues. Tried a fresh step by step install and turns out it's all NPC interaction buttons. Sorry for the trouble. Might be good to leave this here if anyone else has the issue. I was directed towards Loki's patch, so I'll give that one a go!

Thanks very much

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