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Star Citizen

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Mar 7, 2015, 8:38 am 2 years

Anyone else been following this game, or maybe pledged? If anyone reading this hasn't heard about it yet, I would highly recommend checking out the website and checking out the amazing progress they have made so far. Also to find the full history of the game, modules and the like. I think you might be impressed, especially if you are a Space sim freak.

It is being made by the same guy who made Wing Commander, Freelancer etc etc but only this game is fully created by funding, which means he has all control over the game, so it won't turn out to be sub-par.

Anyways, what do you think if you are just now hearing about it? And if you are already following or have pledged, do share your comments (and ships!) below! I'd love to hear what ya got to say. :)

My status: Pledged
Ship: Avenger
Hangar: Aeroview Hangars

Thoughts: I don't like space sims as much as a lot of the people on the site but that just makes the fact that this game caught my attention even better. I love the planned modules (PU, Planetside, FPS, Racing etc) and that this game will allow players to be whatever they want and do whatever they want. Be a mechanic? Sure! Miner, trader, pirate, merc or military? Sure, why not! There are "guilds" termed "Organizations", will be a rich economy the players influence, A.I systems that will be real interactive, no "double" NPCs (you **** Tom Bergin the Pirate, no one else can!), and much more. It isn't only a space sim but an everything-I-ever-dreamed-of game! I could live life as a peaceful civilian on a planet, or roam the galaxy in my ship and admire the sights, or explore for new Jump Points or planets to Terraform. Anything I want to do will be available to me. :Nosebleed:

So far the only things I don't like about the game aren't very "bad". You cannot, at the moment they have decided, change your height of the character and I also dislike how the game will require top of the line hardware but then again, that was CR's goal, so I cannot complain much. lol

Okay, enough of my rambling...share!

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