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So lost in this game, so many questions.

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Mar 5, 2015, 10:18 am 2 years
Hello, I started playing this game and I have to say that even after reaching level 52, I'm still totally lost when it comes to 95% of this game. I have numberless questions and nobody to ask them to, and pretty much every text or video guide between here and Youtube is for Closed Beta and therefore outdated - the entire interface for some of these actions has changed completely between open and closed beta. So I must come here for answers. I'm just going to lay out everything that's a mystery to me and hopefully anyone reading can shed some light little by little.

Horses and Breeding
  1. How do I breed horses without paying money to lose both of them permanently? (If there is a way to breed without losing both, why is this feature even in the game at all?)
  2. Is the outcome of horse breeding completely random? Do to horse tiers and levels and skills play into the outcome?
  3. Is it feasible for horse breeding to be profitable or is it nothing more than a huge expense?
  4. Is horse capturing always 100% RNG? Is there some special sugar to guarantee capture?
  5. How do I move horses around between city stables without having to take the horse out, ride it to another stable, and then run back on foot to do the same thing for the next horse?
  1. So, how do I even craft anything? I tried making lumps of sugar but my character just stands there shaking a jug, the progress bar stays at 0% and nothing ever happens.
  2. How do I build a boat?
  3. How do I make these 500 logs I've chopped into wood that can be used for something?
  4. How do I find recipes, or find a use for any materials I've gathered? How can I find a recipe for something I want to make so I know what to gather in the future?
  1. How do I find upgrade stones? Can they be crafted?
  2. Are there specific upgrade stones for jewelry only in addition to weapon and armor stones?
  3. How does failing enhancement work? As I fail the chance of the next enhancement succeeding increases, what is the easiest and cheapest way to stack these chances so that they can be used on a weapon to nearly guarantee success?
  4. Does the increasing chance of success after failure stack infinitely or is there a limit?
Weapons and Armor
  1. How do I choose which weapon or which armor to use? They all seem to have massive stats at high enhancement, to the point where it almost seems meaningless which weapon or armor you use as long as it's highly enhanced. I see Korean text on some of the blue and orange items, how significant are these bonuses?
  2. How important are sockets on an item? I see that almost every orange and blue item has only one socket but most green items have two.
  3. I see armor that is valuable but has far less defense than the armor the black spirit gave me while I leveled up. Does this armor require high enhancement to be useful? Is it meant to only be used at +7 or higher or something? What is the advantage to using these items over the black spirit armor?
  4. Is there a time-and-cost-efficient method or obtaining enhancement stones?
  5. What is the best weapon / what are the best weapon properties and suffixes?
  6. What is the best armor / what are the best armor properties and suffixes?
  7. How do I even gear up in this game? I'm level 52 and still using the stuff the black spirit gave me in my 30s. I have utterly no idea how to make money or find upgrades in this game.
  1. Is it possible to max out inventory capacity without spending real money?
  2. How do I increase bank space?
  1. How do I make money in this game? I have yet to find any method that is time or money efficient. KIlling yields basically nothing but repair costs.
  1. How does one get skill points at higher levels? Killing 51+ enemies yields barely more than zero skill experience. Mass-killing Rhutums gives far more skill experience than killing things my level, which doesn't make any sense at all from a character progression standpoint. At level 50 I used to be able to get 10 skill points in a single night cycle, now I'm struggling for 1 or 2 and killing enemies my level will yield less than 1 per night.
  2. How do I increase my maximum MP and SP?
  1. Over the course of the game I've found many quests I could not complete because I cannot read Korean, and no indication is given of what to do. Examples - what are these two NPCs saying? One Two
  2. How in the world does one complete the mine cart quests? They fall over immediately and the controls for stabilizing them do not seem to work for me, or I just can't figure them out.
  1. This has to be the most impenetrable and overly confusing part of the game for me. The knowledge system feels messy, completely unintuitive, and rarely makes sense. So it seems right to start with the question: What is knowledge and what does it do?
  2. Am I correct that enemies only drop decent items at A-rank knowledge or higher?
  3. If an enemy at knowledge A or higher drops a decent item, is this one time only? Will he ever drop something decent again? Do I need to forget what I've learned and start over to get a decent drop again?
  4. How do I use my knowledge to make NPCs like me more? Does using knowledge in this way consume it or can I keep repeating the process?
  5. What effects does making an NPC like me have? Can I seduce the market board lady to give me better prices on players' items or something?
  6. How do I increase my maximum energy? At level 52 I still have a mere 16 energy maximum. Judging by streams I've watched I should have 5-10 times as much, but I have no idea how to increase it or even how I got it to 16.
  7. Does this game demand that one have multiple characters? Will my knowledge and energy and contribution be much lower with a single character than someone with 5 alts?
  8. The ultimate question: How is knowledge useful to me? What part does it play in the game and how do I make use of it? Is it used actively, passively, or both?

Plenty more questions to ask but I've have to edit as I think of them. Those are all the mysteries I can think of off the top of my head. I'll be deeply grateful to anyone that can help me understand this game.

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