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[Classes] Playable Classes in Black Desert

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Mar 5, 2015, 10:17 am 2 years

Black Desert offers your basic selection of classes some that many would be familiar with. Others however maybe more so unique and not often seen in other games. At this time unless someone can update more on each of the classes I have only basic or no information on some.

In BDO there is no stealth class or healing class. Which for those of us who have played those two types of classes (such as I as a healer forever to no end.) Thats like a shot to the head. But it seems to be a trend that newer games are picking up to provide extra challenge to the game. Being carried by heal's in pvp/dungeons or any instance has made it a safety net for many players the past few years. Eliminating these types of classes will force players to become better and no longer able to scream "OMGAH HEALS PLEASE...."

I think honestly its trying to push "You can do things without a healer." Now true or not depends on how they scale the gameplay for each class. While many claim "its so hard to balance Healer of a stealth class to be fair.." Not always true however this may seem a bit biased coming from me because I've played Healer ever since my first mmo. I always feel it will be a big struggle.

Now however unless newer info proves that some of the classes I have no information on (at this moment) does have healing skills then that blows my first few paragraphs out of the water. But so far everything I have read have kept pointing to keeps saying "no heals / no stealth!".

I. Fighter

You must have quick reflexes and you must actively block incoming attacks. So any of you who are used to this class you will find this your main pick. Male and female can be fighters.

II. Ranger

Once again nothing new here. If you have played archer classes in older MMOs. With BDO supporting the action combat frame if you have played Archer in TERA online or any AC game out there. You will probably be ok here with this class. Bow and arrow and a long range class. At this time we know that both male and female can be Rangers.

III. Sorcerer

Another familiar class in the world of BDO -- The Sorcerer is your seductive and long range spellcasters. You will probably be showered in annoying skills and possibly annoying AoE's that others will come to hate in the PVP. So far from all the information being read (not confirmed yet though.) That Sorcs are male and female in the Human race.

IIII. Predator
This is a melee DPS class - with duel axes. They can transform into wolves and unlocking new abilities with that.
This seems to only be race locked to Giants.

V. Wizard

You know what wizards do and its nice to see a wizard looking like one. Another long range DPS
which will probably have AOE spells. (as most wizards have had in previous games. Any one else can correct me here.) Not sure on Race lock
on this one. Or of its male and female both...

Vl. Tamer

If any of you have played any online games that had something like this class. The first one comes to my mind is PWE's Perfect World International's Venomancer. Tamers can use their faithful pets as allies in battle. Tamers are melee. Instead of the regular mounts they can ride on the backs of their companion's. This is gender locked to Female. Not sure if its just human alone.

Vll. Valkyrie

This class I have not much information but it was listed in PearlAbyss's directory of character classes. Its stated as Valkyrie she seems to be
holding sword and I'm not sure if this is the female form of Fighters...

Any classes that I have missed feel free to add into this thread or corrections by other Moderators are welcome.

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