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Unable to enter game

8:12 am, November 17, 2016 I have been unable to get the game to launch all day now. When I click on the launcher it immediately go into a crash state and Microsoft tries to uncover the reason it stops working. I have been a me [..] View

Gamepad Help (both xbox and logitech controller don't work)

8:12 am, May 4, 2016 So I only got this game to play with a controller and I can't get any of them to work at all. I know I could use xpadder or something but they are a real pain to setup and then even more painful to us [..] View

Curious about healing/tanking

8:12 am, April 2, 2016 I haven't gotten the change to play, currently seeking a guest pass till I decide to buy or not. But the game looks promising. Just wanted to know if there was a healer or tank class. I know some mmos [..] View

Cheapest way to obtain carrots?

6:12 pm, March 28, 2016 Heya, new BDO player here I just started horse breeding and was wondering if actually farming carrots (don't know much about farming yet) is cheaper than just buying them or if there's an even bet [..] View

Question about counter attacks

6:12 pm, March 9, 2016 how exactly does the tamer ability tree climb work in pve. It says its a counter attack and that you'll be invincible until hit? Why doesnt it counter attack or make me invincible while using it? Thr [..] View

Counter and Speed Attack question

6:12 pm, February 23, 2016 Couldn't figure this out during CBT2. What exactly do both Counter and Speed attacks trigger off? I gotten them to proc a few times but mostly by accident and never consistently. Was never able to g [..] View

Changing keyboard and mouse control.

6:12 pm, February 22, 2016 I would like to change my keyboard control. I would like right/left arrows to turn (not move), but turn my character. Up/Down to move my character at full sprint forwards/backwards. And on my mouse, I [..] View

My Horse Breeding data (T6+)

6:12 pm, January 27, 2016 So after reaching Artisan in the Training Skill, several flipped tables from failed breeding attempts and watching my horses autorun happily into the ocean, and an increasingly hefty electricity bill [..] View

pre order pack horses

6:12 pm, January 15, 2016 as we all know a fonker levels your taming level up faster then a horse, my question is will the horses from the pre order packs level taming at the same speed as a donkey, else what is the point if i [..] View

pre order pack worth?

6:12 pm, January 13, 2016 had a look at the pre-order packs, bought the €30 one, but now im thinking really hard about the €50 one, is it worth it? how can we (probably obtain a pet otherwise in game?) and is [..] View

Valencia Desert Map Compass

8:12 am, January 8, 2016 I hope this is correct site for this topic. (other seems unsuitable). I hope it suit English speaking players either PVE and PVP (2nd Valencia Map) tools [..] View

The awaken char release date(not correct)

6:12 pm, January 6, 2016 레인저 January (ranger) 금수랑 February(tamer) 발키리 march (valkiry) 무사 매&am [..] View

PvP loot system

8:12 am, January 6, 2016 I've been really curious about something. So "PvP mode" is a button or a stance that you have to activate in order for you to attack other players that is of the appropriate level. Now what [..] View

Question for starting Houses/nodes.

6:12 pm, December 31, 2015 Hey yall. Im just curious what houses i should pick first at the first towm. Im guessing lodging lvl 2 is a must.. and a warehouse? And a house i can craft beer (Yummy) I currently have 2 workers.. O [..] View

Combo and Cooldown question

6:12 pm, December 30, 2015 I am new to the game and cannot seem to find this information anywhere. I noticed that abilities can be casted from either a combination of button presses or simply a hotkey. Is there any difference t [..] View

Probably A Simple Question..

8:12 am, December 29, 2015 So, I got a little extra money lying around from the holidays and was curious about purchasing the pre-order package listed here: I got a few question I see the FAQ [so [..] View

Is there a website that shows the hidden stats on gears?

6:12 pm, December 28, 2015 Perhaps my googling skills aren't good enough, but I can't seem to find a website that shows the hidden stats on higher level gear pieces. For example, Ring of Cadry Guardian vs Shrine Guardian Token [..] View


8:12 am, December 27, 2015 Hello all Since the EU/NA versions are out(woohoo) i wanted to try it out but i get an IP block(Baltic countries..... no idea why we're set to Russia) Anyhow you can just use VPN and get through an u [..] View

Stuck at black spirit quests

6:12 pm, November 24, 2015 Hi all, i hope you can help me with my problem Im kinde stuck at questing lvl 50. I dont get anything other then these daily quests below and when i do quests around Caplheon i dont get further either [..] View

Action combat mode - any hybrid alternative available?

6:12 pm, November 22, 2015 Question for the team or those who have played BDO and are familiar with the available KB options - I've tried a few FPS shooters and a couple of action combat MMOs. Unfortunately something about pla [..] View

A little tweak i found to improve FPS.

8:12 am, November 17, 2015 First of all i wasn't sure where to post this, i think this will fit in here: Okay, i found a fix for my unstable FPS problem and how to break the 30FPS lock some people noticed. It is an uncommon thi [..] View

Few questions about leveling horses...

6:12 pm, November 9, 2015 Hey guys, I'm currently catching on making my own superhorse by breeding lvl 30 horses, and have a few questions regarding leveling them: 1) How exactly is horse exp gained? Is it by running distance, [..] View

Alpha skill reset, anyone knows how or where?

8:12 am, October 31, 2015 Hi there guys and girls, I have been looking around for a place to find out if I can reset my skill points? I messed up my skills and chose some useless skills Did I miss something? or can you unlock [..] View

Black Desert GPU and CPU tests. Check your FPS!

6:12 pm, October 30, 2015 Found a really great article on GPU and CPU tests for Black Desert: Russian Test source Max settings: A video: His system is: i5-2500k 3,3Ghz ( runs at 4 Ghz ) GTX 970 16GB Ram Samsung 840Pro SSD. A [..] View

Gameplay on GTX970, i5-2500k

8:12 am, October 28, 2015 GTX 970 is one of the most common graphics cards this days, so i found this video recently posted from Russian BDO. His system is: i5-2500k 3,3Ghz ( runs at 4 Ghz ) GTX 970 16GB Ram Samsung 840Pro S [..] View

You change your way of gameplay depending on your char? (Roleplay)

6:12 pm, October 19, 2015 I have been seen toons of people who either change the way they act/play acording to their chars or people who plays the same regardless the looks. I consider myself Half - roleplayer. While on teamwo [..] View

Stun/Knockback/CC % chance?

8:12 am, October 9, 2015 What influences the chance of successful CC on a mob or enemy player? Does the skill level and more damage increase the chance? Or it's completely random? That being said should I develop/level skills [..] View

Rebinding the dodge function?

6:12 pm, October 5, 2015 I love that I can double tap W or S to dodge forward and backward, I find it awkward to hold shift during combat in order to dodge left or right.. is there a way to make it so I do not have to hold sh [..] View

Houses at "small" nodes

8:12 am, September 15, 2015 Hi all, I know how the overall housing system works at large cities. However, it seems I can also buy houses for worker housing, warehouse expansion, and etc at small nodes. These nodes may not have a [..] View

Party and BDO tome

6:12 pm, August 19, 2015 I want to know people opinion on BDO tome and how is english translation going so far. Other thing i want to know if its possible to play this game solo till end without parting with people bcs i cant [..] View


6:12 pm, August 16, 2015 I bought my +16 weapon, now I want neil armor set but the cost of whole set gonna reach 130 000 000 silver +16 or 100 000 000 for +15 so there is the question is it realy worth buying? Neil is pretty [..] View

Russian Gameplay Trailer!

8:12 am, August 15, 2015 It looks freaking awesome! Don't understand jack, but the video is still. Enjoy the Trailer View

[Solved] obtaining cattle feed quest and quest cont point?

6:12 pm, August 13, 2015 Hi, I'me helpless I don't know it's a bug or I don't know...I was running the obtaining cattle feed quest quest for Habel if not mistaken, it said that I had to look a dry grass or clipped grass from [..] View


6:12 pm, August 12, 2015 Hey, i have a few questions about fishing i haven't been able to find answers for so here i go: Are there specific spots that are better for fishing than others or should i just go out to wherever on [..] View

Russian Official OBT Trailer!

6:12 pm, August 12, 2015 It looks freaking awesome! Don't understand jack, but the video is still. Enjoy the Trailer View

Gear upgranding vs buying

6:12 pm, August 6, 2015 I bought my +16 weapon, now I want neil armor set but the cost of whole set gonna reach 130 000 000 silver +16 or 100 000 000 for +15 so there is the question is it realy worth buying? Neil is pretty [..] View

Lvl 50+ Kunoichi Gamplay + Tips

8:12 am, August 4, 2015 Yo guys Tweh in da buildin Got my kunoichi up to 51 right now and currently making some vids. Stay tuned for more and make sure to drop requests here!! Lvl 46 Kunoichi first look Tips and Tricks + SKi [..] View

obtaining cattle feed quest and quest cont point?

6:12 pm, July 14, 2015 Hi, I'me helpless I don't know it's a bug or I don't know...I was running the obtaining cattle feed quest quest for Habel if not mistaken, it said that I had to look a dry grass or clipped grass from [..] View

How To Get Female Horse?

6:12 pm, July 1, 2015 Hi, I've red most of the guides here and it's really helpful and I've understand how to play (it meant all how to). But there's a point that make me frustrated, of course I've red about mating, breedi [..] View

Fishing high level fish?

6:12 pm, June 30, 2015 i have come across some people saying that they are able to fish 100k yellow fish and stuff...but how? all yellow fish that i got is only 10k isit about the fishing spot or because of my fishing lev [..] View

How to recover carriage stamina?

8:12 am, June 21, 2015 Just like the title asks, how do you recover stamina for carriages/coaches? Repair kits only repair durability, healing at the stable master only repairs durability as well, and carrots obviously only [..] View

Witch equipment?

6:12 pm, June 19, 2015 just started black desert not too long ago , currently playing having a lv 40 witch wondering what gear should i get? i read about the hebe neil ..etc but i have no idea which set shd i get o.o.. View

Fresh Level 50

8:12 am, June 1, 2015 I don't really know what should I do first 1. Farm Blackstones (Already have full Hebe set) 2. Finish all the quest with exclamation mark and gain knowledge 3. Level up Fishing and Crafting or etc ski [..] View

Wizard Gameplay

6:12 pm, May 30, 2015 Is it just me or is the DPS of the Wizard Class insane? I had to find purple named mobs for the video below since everything else around my level died before I could finish a combo off. And the dagger [..] View

Workers upgrades

8:12 am, May 14, 2015 So I was checking my workers today and I realised that two of them were level 10 and had an extra option close to their names. I translated it and it said something about promotion test. I started it [..] View

REALLY is it that hard to catch a horse?!

6:12 pm, May 11, 2015 So I got to lv 18 and decided to catch a horse, bought 40 lasso, made 10 lumps of sugar, head out to find a horse, found one on top of a mountain. I tried everything to capture him, give him the sugar [..] View

questions bout in game stuff

8:12 am, May 4, 2015 i am having a hard time deciding exactly when to spend skill points. i have 2 windows..skills and learnable skills. i look at builds and find some im interested in going with but i have all this skill [..] View

Some assistance with combat svp

6:12 pm, April 5, 2015 Hello forum, First time playing Black Desert today and what an experience! But you guys already knew that. I seem to be a bit confused when it comes to combat though, it looks amazing but I have no id [..] View

lvl 50, what now?

8:12 am, April 3, 2015 Hey guys, So I just started playing BDO this week and got my first character to lvl 50 after almost trying every other class. The game is complex and... yeah... in korean!xD Thanks to Loki I can at le [..] View

Full Housing/Crafting Guide?

8:12 am, March 19, 2015 Where can i find a full housing/crafting guide that explains really well, has been updated for the obt(the ones i found are only for cbt1 and didnt explain well) And preferably has a mix of words, pic [..] View

Can't enhance my weapon

6:12 pm, February 28, 2015 So i found a blue (rare) weapon on my blader it has 28-32 base dmg. I would like to upgrade it but eventhough i have 3 black stones(weapon) i can't. I can however upgrade my old weapon (a green one) w [..] View

Daily bosses.

6:12 pm, February 21, 2015 Hello, again i can't get to work that daily bosses killing. I've already ****** some of that summoned bosses cuz they are given from "black spirit" but i can't get them again today. I don't [..] View

How do i choose the right Equipment for my Tamer?

8:12 am, February 20, 2015 Hello everyone. I've had some serious wardrobe issues lately.i simply don't know by which concept i'm supposed to pick my armor. i do understand that there are different tiers of armor level, but besi [..] View

Storing Potions

6:12 pm, February 19, 2015 I'm overburdened and have too many potions. For some reason I can't put the potions in the storage. I get a warning that I can't read. I can store my medium potions just fine but I don't know why I ca [..] View

Help Auction 20% PC

6:12 pm, February 14, 2015 Hello, I have a question about Auction house, when you sell item and when you want to retrieve it, it gives me a warning of 20% and says something PC and gives me a very low credits income from what I [..] View

How do i sell items on the Auction House?

6:12 pm, January 31, 2015 Hello everyone. I've been trying to figure out how to sell items on the AH, but after trying various things i only was able to put up one item, and i'm not even sure how i exactly did that haha. I'd a [..] View

Game Options

8:12 am, January 27, 2015 I watched a video on the game and was wondering about the following options: they mentioned auto aim or manual aim options... they talked about pvp and a level 35 quest and after level 40 pvp is auto [..] View

Getting lost in the world

8:12 am, January 16, 2015 Just wondering will there be like a minimap or something .. I'm kinda wondering if i want a minimap or i don't because Hopefully the desert area is big or something. I would actually love to get lost [..] View

Manufacturing a raft

8:12 am, December 31, 2014 So I have to produce a registration for a raft for a quest. The guy had me collect materials (10 wood and 3 stone powder), I had a worker do the job but nothing in the warehouse after completion. But [..] View

For those who got to played BDO

6:12 pm, December 29, 2014 I heard many twitch streamers compare it to TERA. If I were to play TERA, would I get a good sense of combat in BDO? Obviously, they won't play exact same, but is it similar enough to try TERA? Thank [..] View

Professions Question

8:12 am, December 26, 2014 Sorry for the noob question, if it is one, and yes I did use the search function as well... Are Professions only associated with crafting? Or will there be combat, social or political based professi [..] View

Your own gameplay type

6:12 pm, December 13, 2014 What is your playstyle? Are you a tank, a worrior who charges in the battle with no hesitation?Or you are a fast agille type, attacking fast dodging fast? Either you are a sneak type player who cares [..] View

Concept for Potions/Healing

8:12 am, November 11, 2014 A concept for healing. Potions are to have a cool down for each single use. Individual potions could have crafting, combining and enchanting options to change prefixes and suffixes Potions would come [..] View


8:12 am, November 9, 2014 I have read that equipment has no level requirement, can any one confirm this? Also, if that is true, how does equipment work? Does it require minimum stats? (i.e. you need "x" amount of STR [..] View

Crafting perk/skills or similar?

8:12 am, November 5, 2014 I saw a few videos about crafting, about hiring a miner for you to gather materials, and the possibility to use an NPC to create some armors for you. But... I didn't see anything similar to a skill t [..] View

how big will the impact of crafting be in early or late game

6:12 pm, October 25, 2014 we know guilds require to craft in order to make weapons like canons and barricades to defend their castles and city's. and the best armors are crafteble by leveling up your crafting skills but what i [..] View

Black Desert action combat issues

6:12 pm, October 15, 2014 This video show something that worry me a lot : 3min, 6min30, 22min... -The new no reuse time on some skill that allow you to spam your best skill over and over -The potion spam for HP and MP while s [..] View

I will not be able to play this game !!

8:12 am, October 15, 2014 I have OCD and I won't be able to play this game! When the character is on the left side of the screen it just drives me crazy. Maybe if it was only during the combat I could manage but if it's always [..] View


8:12 am, September 15, 2014 I'm new to this game, but I was wondering if there is an open, non-instance arena. I'd really like the idea of having official tournaments where the top players compete with special gear that does't [..] View

How does it feel?

6:12 pm, September 2, 2014 Hello everyone ! I have seen countless videos on youtube, but I'd like to understand the real sensations transmitted from the gameplay. I mean... how the skill/commands respond? There is really some [..] View

Group gaming vs solofest

8:12 am, August 9, 2014 My best moments in Lineage were grinding in groups, killing harder mobs- open world bosses with my friends - clan crew while fighting enemies over the spot boss. In this scenery, players did solo only [..] View

how to lvl mounts?

8:12 am, August 5, 2014 im watching youtube videos and i see some mounts are different lvls? how do you lvl up your mount? whats the benefits of lvling them? does it add more life? View

Party Gameplay Vid

8:12 am, August 5, 2014 This was posted on the Facebook page, so you've probably all seen this, but I was hoping to discuss it a bit here because I don't think I understand it very well. Can someone break down what's even h [..] View

Speciality for guilds

8:12 am, August 5, 2014 Hi guys, I just grabbed some info so I thought I could share them. I really couldn't find about other guilds, but seems like religious guilds get some special ability to interfere weather and growth o [..] View

Guilds ?

8:12 am, August 5, 2014 Just curious as to how would guilds work are they in the game at all ?. what will the management be like for guild masters be like ?, guild storage guild housing ? can you have branches of your guild [..] View

Open to public?

6:12 pm, August 3, 2014 Not sure if this is current place to post this question so sorry in advanced if it is. Is Black Desert available to the public or does it have English servers? View

Joystick/controller config

6:12 pm, August 3, 2014 Was wondering if Black Desert would have the option to use a playstation controller plugin rather than keyboard controls. This will be my very first MMO so sorry if this question is weird. Also I'm ve [..] View


8:12 am, August 3, 2014 Quest system Quest system in Black Desert is not typical, as in most MMORPGs. The reason is mainly that completing of quests gives no exp or money, but provides factional points. These points may be d [..] View

Them Maple levels

8:12 am, July 22, 2014 Well Just look At maplestory, It has a level cap currently of Level 200. Thats an insane amount of levels and even in the begging they started off with 70. Although it did have a level cap it took a v [..] View

No level cap can be a dangerous idea

8:12 am, July 6, 2014 I know the idea of no level cap sounds good, it sounds like the game will always be fun to play, because ahah you always have where to improve but its wrong and that's why 1) Levels can lose their imp [..] View

Player to Player relationships and best teams?

8:12 am, June 27, 2014 So, me and my girlfriend intend to no life Black Desert together. I'm going to play as a Blader and she wants to be the most supportive class possible.. We assume that would be the Valkyrie, because s [..] View

Quick quesiton: invert y axis?

6:12 pm, June 17, 2014 Before I even start looking any deeper into this game I need to know if you can invert the y axis. I know many/most Korean mmos don't have this option, but I'm hoping this game does. View

XP gaining system

8:12 am, June 8, 2014 Hi, allow me to suggest XP gaining system by doing and by leveling up. Here is the example for system idea: Bow usage from 0,00 % to 100,00 % for 1 meter distance (Level 1) Bow usage from 0,00 % to [..] View

Politics in game

8:12 am, June 8, 2014 I am praying this game will develop POLITICS (map exploring and expansion), where founding the CLAN will need members aiming to the same goal. Here is basic suggestion: Several BANDS (band = 3-12 peo [..] View

Game economy

8:12 am, June 8, 2014 Suggestion what should cost real money preserving game play intact form HUGE player level differences: 1. Fairy auctions between players (fee per sold item) 2. Enchantments and special gems 3. Bluepr [..] View


8:12 am, June 8, 2014 Please if possible all weapons do proper damage, so joined band of noobs could really hurt sole player level 50 or higher. In real life knife can ****, and shovel can **** same as sword... I agree the [..] View

Relationship system

2:08 am, May 20, 2014 Now i know there is relationship with npc. i'm just wondering is there anything like that with players?? or will something like that might come in a near future????? View

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